Quick Coupon Codes-How To Cut Your Grocery Bill Right Now !

Are you looking for one quick fix to help you save money at the grocery store in this video I’m going to share with you my quickest tip, my easiest solution to help you cut your grocery bill by over 20% each and every month.

Hey everyone I’m a budget strategist a certified financial planner a wife a mom and a business owner I love helping families to learn how to pay down their debt and living the life they’ve always dreamed up on this channel I share quick budget hacks money management tips and all of our advice for being a busy mama.

like I said today it’s gonna be a quick tip on how you can cut your grocery bill by over 20% our family has been doing this for years it was one of those light bulb moments that when I had it I’m like, I should try this out, I should see if this actually works, and it did and it keeps working and it has worked and it will continue to work, the easiest way to save money is to make your list efficient and I say that because so many of us will have a list on the fridge and as soon as we think of something that we need or realize we’re out of something or our husbands may add things to it it can be a jumbled mess that’s all over the place,  it could have milk then socks then butter then rolls then chicken and baby food and it’s just a jumbled mess of everything that basically just comes and pops in your mind that you write down.

We need to start organizing our list in a better more efficient way, the easiest way to do that is in order of your store you probably know exactly where the cereal that your kiddo eats every day you know what aisle it is and probably what side of the aisle and about how far down right I mean  you’re imagining it, you’re imagining where the bananas are, you’re imagining where your milk is and where your chicken that your family likes, you know exactly where those items are in your grocery store probably without even realizing that you’ve memorized your store layout that happens, that’s why stores spends hundreds and thousands of dollars every few years redoing their layout.

yes it’s to keep up with the times and to be more efficient and to be more streamlined but in reality is to keep you guessing because when you guess and you’re not sure where you’re going that’s when you wander and that’s when you pick up more stuff to buy that you don’t need, so I want you to start writing your list down before you leave your house to go grocery shopping in order of your store now here is a bonus tip this is what’s going to save you the big money write it from back up store to the front of store that way when you first walk in you go straight to the back of the store you get everything that’s back there and you work your way forward you work your way to the cash register that way when you’re done with your list you’re by the cashier you don’t need to keep wandering you don’t need to cut through the back of the store all the way forward.

So that you can now check out that’s where temptation hits that’s where your kid is like mommy I need a-mommy I want it. I want and I want it and you give in are they six or seven years old, I don’t know about you but my husband is king of sliding stuff in the cart that I don’t even notice anyone else because by the time I noticed were already at the cashiers because if we have it in our budget then I’ll get it but if it’s not on the list then that’s what really starts to irritate me I want to buy only the items on the list.

if you make your grocery shopping list each week or every two weeks how often you go in order of your store that way you won’t be tempted you’re not gonna be backtracking because most of us will write a list and we’ll have milk and then we’ll say bananas and we’ll say potatoes and then we’ll say butter and then we’ll say deli meat and frozen chicken and you know rolls and so that will have all these scattered everywhere and what we do is we just go and order ever a list for the most part because it’s easier to do that.

So you’re going to get milk well then you’re gonna leave that section and you’re gonna go get rolls and then you’re gonna realize oh I need butter you’re gonna go back so you’re gonna walk back and forth back and forth through all these different aisles with all these temptations marketing tack are made to call out to you so that you buy them by making your list and order of the store and you know your store we all know our store then you’re gonna be able to just be much more efficient not only are you going to cut down your bill but you’re also gonna cut down the time you spend in the store because you’re not gonna be distracted you’re not gonna be backtracking you’re not gonna be zig zagging through different aisles you have a plan and you can stick with it.

if you’re not sure how much you should be spending on groceries for your family I will link a video that I did a baseline budget for what you should spend and what all is included in that budget as well this is a great video a great starter video for anyone that is looking to really cut a dent in their grocery budget to start saving more money if you need help getting your budget set up.

I’ll recommend my budget success checklist this will just walk you through the steps you need to follow so that you can create a flexible budget that actually fits your family so many of us feel overwhelmed and just frustrated when it comes to budgeting that we drop it we don’t even do it at all this guy will walk you through the steps that you and your husband or your spouse can do together so that you can create this budget that will actually work for you in that you can stick with much easier so I will link that for you as well if you have questions about how you can save more money at the grocery store leave us below this video but this is just one quick tip that we have been using for years and let me tell you it’s a game changer it has really helped us just know exactly what we need what we don’t need stick to a plan and stick to our budget

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