Back to School Shop Till You Drop

>> Russell, do you want to go on a date with me today? >> Yey! It’s my turn to go to back to school shopping. >> It looks handsome on you too. >> It feels so good! 3, 2, 1. Good morning passengers. I got my bathroom sparkling clean. Things are looking really nice. The kids are supposed to be doing chores with me this morning. Shari are you? >> I am doing chores but it’s fun chores. >> What’s fun? >> Organizing. >> I do need to do a little bit of organizing. >> Mom! >> What? >> Look. >> The rug’s been too many times. >> Ohhh. Oh no! >> Ripped. >> ‘Cause it says… >> different color than white though. >> No I like the white. >> What? I want like a gray or like a turquoise would be fun. >> You don’t want competing colors. But, I would get white. >> Gray.

>> Maybe gray. Because look, you have a hamper here. Maybe you should get a rug that’s cream-colored. >> No. It’s the color of our walls. >> What color of rug should we get for Shari’s bathroom? >> Turquoise! >> Please tell her that that would be way too much. >> No it would not! >> The kids are supposed to be helping me, and I looked out the window, and what did I see? Three little kids playing chess on the patio. Well this looks nice. Do you guys love your new backyard? >> Yeah. >> I don’t know how to play chess. Is this chess? Who taught you how to do chess? >> Dad. >> My friend. >> Dad taught you too? >> She taught me. >> Wow. Russell do you want to go on a date with me today? >> What? >> Yey.

>> You want to go on a date and go get some back-to-school clothes? >> Yeah! >> You are the only one left who doesn’t have new fall clothes. Should we go pick some? >> Yeah. Can we go after I play this game? >> Yes. And have you brushed your teeth? Have you fixed your hair? Have you washed your face? Have you made your bed? Have you been lazy this morning? >> While they’re playing this game, I’ll go get ready. And then when they’re done, I’ll play. Then we’ll go. >> Okay. Sounds good to me. I’m gonna take Russell and get some back-to-school clothes. We need to do a backyard tour because our backyards all done, and we pretty much live out here now.

We spend less time in the house and tons of time outside. Which is so refreshing. It feels like we just added a huge room to our house, ’cause I mean, that’s kind of basically what we did. Was we just turned our outside into a new living area. So, stay tuned for that. Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it, and let’s go do our very last trip back to school shopping. >> I made the volleyball team! >> You did?! >> Yeah! And it was in my junk mail. I was checking my email opening, I was like, it’s not there, it’s not there, I didn’t make it.

But then I was like, I should probably check junk mail, and I’m like yeah! >> Good job! Oh my gosh I’m so proud of you. >> Me too. >> So so exciting for Shari. Are you guys playing on any sports teams this fall? What is your sport? Thank you. Are you okay now? Thanks Russell. Russell wasn’t very sure about how he felt that Eve had to come on our date together. Russell do you mind that Eve came with us on your date? Are you okay now? Maybe a little food in your belly got you feeling better? Let’s go find some boots, okay? You want me to wipe that lipstick off. >> What lipstick? Oh, yours. >> When Chad was Russell’s age, >> Oooh those are some nice ones. >> Pink? >> Yes. >> Pink ones? >> Yes. >> I um asked the lady to help me find some and then she gave me these ones. >> What about brown though? Because the browns not going to show any dirt.

Pink might show lots of dirt. >> No, I like it. >> You want the pink ones? When Chad was Russell’s age, we got him a pair of really nice cowboy boots, and he wore them for like a year and a half because I bought them like really, really big, and now they’re sitting on top of my dad’s ledge, and he puts little trinkets in it, and notes and memorabilia, and my dad said that he wants a row of boots of all the grandkids. So, I saw that Porter and Cooper got some boots, and I know that Bonnie got her boys some boots, so it’s definitely Russell’s turn. Russell, this over here looks like they have some in your size. Look how nice those are. Those are so cute. And the boots he can also wear as a church shoe. So then we don’t have to get new church shoes too. That’s why I love cowboy boots because you can wear them in the dirt, you can wear them working, playing, shine them up and wear them to church. These red ones are so cute. Are you sure you don’t want the red ones Eve? >> I like pink.

>> These are kind of big. >> They feel big? >> Let me see. Walk over to me. They do look pretty big. >> I feel like this is cool. >> Yeah. >> Okay. So your size is 12. >> Yes. >> That means you can pick over here on the aisle. >> Uhm I’ll try on these. >> Those are wild. >> Yep. Those are too small for you Russell. Those are hardest climbing. >> Ow. >> Yep. >> Oh yeah. >> Those are too big. Right? >> Aw. >> Are those too big? >> Yey! This one fits I think. >> Is it too big? >> Nope. >> Oh and you know what? I love that color. It’s got brown, pink and purple. >> It does fits perfectly.

Oh look at the bottom. >> Oh that’s cute. Do you like this one with the color? >> Yeah and it fits my size. Russell come here. Let me see. It’s on the wrong foot. You gotta put it on the other foot. No wonder you’re having a hard time getting your feet in. >> Mom these are my size. >> Woohoo! Do the happy dance. >> It’s so close to be fitting. >> Are they just a little big? >> A little big. >> That’s good. We want them a little big because you’re growing so fast. Oh those are nice boot. I like that one. >> Oh yeah! This is super soft. >> Oh that is soft. Can try it on? >> Sure. >> Ahhhh, It feels good. >> That looks handsome on you too. >> And it feels so good! Ahhhhh! >> Okay what else do you see that you like? Do you have to put your head in the hood? I like it.

Do you? >> Is it too big? >> No! I think it’s perfect. Okay. You can take it off. Get it in there. >> Wait I’m not in there. >> Ahh! No I’m not. >> How do I– Ahh! >> Ohh! >> I was not thinking it was gonna go– okay, get in there. >> 3, 2, 1. >> Look at the camera. It’s right here. The camera’s right there. >> 3, 2, 1. Russell. I think they’re ready. >> Whoa! >> Let me have one! >> You get this. >> Yey! >> Mom you get this. >> Thank you Russell. And I love these. Are your feet as sore as mine? >> Yeah. >> My feet are really sore. You know I like online shopping better than going into the stores, right? Do you? Do you know why I came into the store with all of the kids this year? >> Because you wanted to spend time with us.

>> Oh my gosh! You’re so right. It’s because I wanted to spend time with you. And it’s a lot more expensive in the mall. I’m telling you than it is ordering online with those 30% coupons that are really cool. But it’s because I want to spend time with you. Do you know you’re loved? Yeah? You do? You sure of it? Okay. I love you. > I love you too. We hope that you guys have a really great week going back to school for those of you who are starting this week. I know there are a lot of you who are back in school. So, good luck. Get out of here. Get back in the car. .

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